Numerous items….

I joined HC mid-May of this year. Already, I’ve enjoyed so much starting with the fava beans. OMG!!

I’ve been listening to Jo Robinson’s audiobook ‘Eating on the Wild Side’. 5 Stars!! I’ve learned that one of the healthiest things you can ingest is raw kale and broccoli. So every day, I try to go over to the garden to graze on these things.

I’m wondering about the potatoes. So many of them have died. I’m not an experienced potato grower, so I don’t know what happened. Any insights?

A little background info on me. For 23 years, I lived on a rural hippie commune. Twin Oaks Community in central Virginia. I got a lot of gardening experience there, plus several PhDs in other areas of experience. We had a fabulous organic garden (since 1967). Plus a year round greenhouse. It was one of the priceless quality of life aspects of living there.

But I am a native of Seattle. And so I am very glad to be back here. LOVE our climate!!! Plus everything else about the Pacific Northwest.

I would love to try growing a fig tree in the HCPP. I’ve read that the size can be managed so it doesn’t have to get too big. I’d also like to introduce some day lilies. I have some growing in my little garden in front of my house. Daylilies are edible flowers (quite delicious), plus they are very showy in a salad. Both buds and blooms.

OK, that’s all for now. Hope I can work with more of you in the next couple of months.

native plant garden tour, Sunday, May 6, 11 am- 3 pm

This week is native plant appreciation week. The Howell Collective is pleased to announce we are a stop on the Washington Native Plant Society’s Native Plant Garden Tour. On Sunday, May 6, from 11 am to 3 pm, two Howell Collective Gardeners / WNPS Native Plant Stewards will be on hand to identify, discuss, and answer questions about the nearly 50 different native species planted in the garden. These species were chosen for their value as habitat for wildlife (with focus on pollinators and birds). The Howell Collective is a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat. Visit the garden and learn how you can increase habitat for our urban wildlife!




Neighborhood Garden Tour & BBQ – April 29

Join the Howell Collective P-Patch as we sow the seeds of community.

On April 29, 2012 we invite the community to learn about and celebrate the urban agricultural movement taking place in public spaces throughout Seattle. We will meet at the Seven Hills Park for a walking/biking tour of local gardens in and around Capitol Hill then return to the Howell Collective P-Patch for a tour and BBQ.

10:00-12:00: Walking/Biking tour of local community gardens
12:00-3:00: Howell Collective P-Patch tour and BBQ

This event will also kick off our logo design contest. Submit your garden logo ideas on April 29th and check back in for details, we plan on presenting our winning logo at our summer harvest festival.

The Howell Collective P-Patch is located in Seven Hills Park on E. Howell St and 16th Ave. All are welcome to join and encouraged to bring a dish to pass at the BBQ.

The event will carry on rain or shine. For more information contact or visit for the latest event updates.



Howell Collective P-patch from above: photo taken from neighboring building in early March. Labels show major areas of garden but planting, growing, and changing of the garden is going on throughout the year.

The starts have started…

Happy snow day Seattle!  Even though its frosty outside, our garden member Art, has been growing tomato starts and they look great.


The beginnings….


More recent…


Art proudly pointing out his starts…

October monthly meeting minutes, by Chris Burke

On October 11th, collective members Nate, Max, Susie, Shannon, Emilie, Toby and Anne met in discussion at our monthly meeting. Below are the minutes from this meeting:

Reviewed the P-Patch rules

- Discussion of half share idea
- Need more specific language about how much time goes by before contacting
people about leaving the garden?
- Gabriel proposed that we have a meeting within the next month to nail
down membership policy – have a committee/working group to review
membership? Two core committee – put out email asking for people’s
interest in committees. Planning & Operations and membership? Gabriel will
send email
- It’s important to get better attendance at meetings – idea proposed that we
have dinner along with meeting quarterly. If you miss a meeting it is your
responsibility to get your ideas out there in advance and not bring back
decisions that have already been made.
- Mission statement discussion – build off P Patch mission statement and
involve ‘collective’ in the name. Key words: Community Collective Grow
Food Security Enviornmental Sustainability. Compile people’s ideas at next
meeting based on google doc.
- Membership committee should look at current member list and hours and
determine proposed cap on numbers
- Finances: $10 per member to go to Silvana as treasurer for general expenses.
This is in addition to the $10 fee the P Patch program.
- Worm bin update – try not to overfeed – if there’s visible food they probably
don’t need more.
- Composting – concerns about sight of composting in place. There are
different methods. Proposed compost bin near current rock pile (Southwest corner).
- Get a load of mulch and spruce up pathways
- Fall planting – organize putting garden to bed. Work party soon to get garden
ready for winter. Thursday work party and walkthrough and weekend work
party this week.
- Debris pile should be removed and we should watch out for trash
- Rocks along the border (Shannon)
- Planning beds next year (Gabriel to propose details)

If you’re interested in coming to a meeting and sharing your thoughts and ideas, our next meeting is scheduled for November 9th at 7:00pm at